Join us at 2012 Green Festival San Francisco Oct 10th & 11th   

Green Festival is the premier event dedicated to sustainability, social justice and ecological balance. Enjoy special show discounts on our entire collection
plus renowned speakers   Thematic pavilions and stages focused on green business, green building, renewable energy, fair trade, healthy lifestyle, sustainable home, organic gardening, do-it-yourself modern homesteading. In every city, Green Festival features: Green Kids Zone, Community Action Pavilion, Organic Cooking Stage, Organic Food Court and Organic Beer & Wine and Garden.

Join us at 2012 Green Festival Los Angeles Oct 17th & 18th   

Green Festival is the premier event dedicated to sustainability, social justice and ecological balance. Enjoy special show discounts on our entire collection
plus renowned speakers   Thematic pavilions and stages focused on green business, green building, renewable energy, fair trade, healthy lifestyle, sustainable home, organic gardening, do-it-yourself modern homesteading. In every city, Green Festival features: Green Kids Zone, Community Action Pavilion, Organic Cooking Stage, Organic Food Court and Organic Beer & Wine and Garden.

Haiti School Project   

We have teamed up with the Haiti School Project to help raise the funds necessary to finish building a school in Haiti.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of our Haiti School Project t-shirts will be donated to this important work. To purchase a T-shirt, please click here.

How We Got Involved

One evening after work, I was listening to a Planet Money Podcast reporting on a project to rebuild a school in Haiti. Listeners had donated $3000 and the money had done very little, a foundation, some concrete blocks and some rock and sand. Two Planet Money listeners, Tim Myers and Fred Ireland, were so moved by the story that they decided to take it upon themselves to have the school built. They had started a non-profit organization and a website Haiti School Project collecting funds while donating their time and expertise to completing the project.

Once I heard the story I felt I had to do something. So many times organizations gather millions of dollars in donations for a variety of causes but generally you never know how that money is spent or if it is spent at all. This project was different. If we come together, as we often have, we would be able to see results and make real difference. I contacted Tim and Fred and found out they are very committed to this project. They already had spent thousands of dollars of their own money on travel expenses, cost of creating the non-profit organization, the website , etc.

After a few conversations I decided to get our company, bgreen apparel involved. And here we are, we made organic cotton Tees and with your support we are hoping to sell a lot of them. All the proceeds will be donated to this worthy cause and we will keep you posted on our progress every month right here at this page.

Mike Farid

The Haiti School Project’s mission is to:
Support a sustained investment in education that will promote economic development and improve the quality of life in Haiti.
The goal of the Haiti School Project is to assist rebuilding in Haiti, and helping Haiti by completing construction of the L’InstitutionMixteBethleem de Villard  (“Bethlehem School”) , by mid 2013. This sustainable economic development project will provide for the school’s future vitality and quality of education in Haiti.  The construction in Haiti is located in Villard, near Saint-Marc in the L’Artibonite region of Haiti.
bgreen apparel will donate 100% of the net proceeds of every Haiti School Project Tee sold. The Haiti School Project is a federally recognized non-profit IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) organization helping Haiti’s children, supported entirely by volunteers.
bgreen at the Women of the Green Generation Conference   

On Saturday May 19th 2012, we attended the Women of the Green Generation Conference in downtown Los Angeles. A diverse array of eco businesses gathered together to educate, share, and mingle with the public in the beautiful Loft Seven penthouse-- everywhere from designers, to healers, to chocolatiers were in attendance.  We enjoyed the opportunity to share our latest looks, talk about the benefits of organic cotton, and discuss our progress with the Haiti School Project.  

It was also fun visiting the other booths to learn about sustainable jewelry, therapeutic oils, and vegan shoes. One highlight of the day was the fashion show, which showcased the sustainable designs of nine different designers. Everyone in attendance brought great energy and inspiration to the event. Thanks again to Women of the Green Generation for inviting us to participate.

Stay tuned for updates on future sustainable living conferences and trade shows where you'll be able to find bgreen.

Innovative Materials Conference at FIDM   

For the last three years, FIDM has hosted its annual Innovative Materials Conference.  Speakers, buyers, merchandisers, and innovators gather together to discuss the newest advancements in environmentally friendly textiles and materials, and the future of the eco-apparel industry.  This year we were honored not only to participate, but to have our own Mike Farid, owner of bgreen apparel, serve as a speaker, discussing his experiences in the eco-fashion industry.  While we loved having the opportunity to share what we know, we were also eager to learn from others.

Because our company is dedicated to nurturing the future of sustainable living, we are always looking for new and better ways to do exactly that. The Innovative Materials Conference brought new ideas, methods, and information to the table—some of which was very exciting.  We are currently looking into working with a company we met at the conference that specializes in using rose and jade fibers—what an incredible prospect!

The future of the sustainable fashion is very bright, and we are thrilled to play a part in its growth and evolution.  Many thanks to FIDM for hosting this event, and for including us in the lineup. If you’d like to check out the conference for yourself, there’s one day left!  All the information you need is listed on the flyer below, or you can visit their blog by clicking here.

bgreen at the 3rd Annual Women of the Green Generation Conference   


We are very excited to be participating in this year’s Women of the Green Generation’s 3rd Annual Conference for women who are inspiring leaders, visionaries, and drivers in creating solutions to our current environmental, economic, and social challenges!

This year’s event will feature a sustainable fashion show produced and styled by Rebecca Mink highlighting green designers including - Mink Vegan Shoes, Sita Couture by Sita Thompson, Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, Fahmina, Deborah Lindquist, Violetta Villacorta, Vital Hemptations,  Anna Herman Designs, D'laff Accessories, Ecoture Clothing, and, we’re pleased to say, bgreen apparel!

The event will take place in the penthouse suite at LOFT SEVEN in downtown Los Angeles – (jewelry district), at 219 West 7th Street - Los Angeles, CA 90014 (Lobby entrance on 7th Street between Broadway and Spring).The all-day affair will go from 10:30 am – 6:30 pm and attract over 300 women and 40 sustainable businesses to an event that will ignite and inspire those who feel called to actively participate in the evolutionary transformation of the individual self, society, and our environment.

In addition to the fashion focus, the 2012 conference will highlight workshops offering attendees a chance to connect with amazing women who will be sharing their expertise and insights in a variety of green business topics, a health and wellness forum, tons of networking opportunities and more!

To learn more or buy tickets, visit their website at

We look forward to seeing you there!

Community Service Projects   

bgreen has teamed up with LA WORKS as their official apparel sponsor to raise funds for their projects. L.A. Works is a 501(c)3 nonprofit  volunteer action center that creates and implements hands-on community service projects throughout the greater Los Angeles area. They empower Angelinos to address pressing social issues through volunteerism and community collaborations.

LA Works offers individuals and organizations opportunities for volunteering that improves our communities and impacts it in a positive way.

In the next few weeks, you will have a chance to buy custom designed organic cotton Tees available on Fashion For Causes section of our website. All the proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be donated to LA WORKS. It is a great shirt for a great cause, buy one and make a difference.

Volunteer Leaders Tees:

For those volunteer leaders who have already signed up for a project with LA WORKS and need to get their T-shirt, please send us an email  with the subject “Volunteer Leader Tee” and the following information: your full name, mailing address, email address, phone # and T-shirt size. Your shirts will be mailed out.

For more information on LA WORKS and opportunities for volunteering, please visit their website at

Tips for an Eco Friendly New Year   

Now that 2011 is here, we’ve made some green new year’s resolutions that we’ll be following. Try it yourself for a very green 2011!

Put some clothes on for pete sakes: Rather than turning up your heater, put an extra layer on, or snuggle up under a blanket. Hot drinks such as tea will also help you warm up (try to use a microwave more than an oven as much more heat will be saved). You’ll appreciate it the next time your gas bill comes.

Birds need water too: It’s hard for our little flying friends to find sources of drinking water during the cold months. When all the water is frozen, take a few minutes to break the ice in your bird baths, or put out a fresh bowl of water. You may make some pretty “fly” new neighbors.

Your first name doesn’t have to be ‘Robert’ to plant: If the ground isn’t too hard from frost, you can plant your seeds early to see a beautiful garden of color by spring time. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds will thank you.

Walking is so hot right now: Ditch the car and take a hike! Walking your kids to school, or with neighbors in your area will help you do your part in cutting gas fumes and emissions. Who doesn’t love some fresh air?!

Whatever you plan to do in 2011, make a few steps to become more aware of the environment and lead a happier, healthier life.

For More healthy lifestyle approaches check out Ricki Lake's new success programs!

Coastal Cleanup Day 2010   

bgreen is  proud to be part of Coastal Cleanup Day, an international event that will take place on Saturday, September 25th from 9am to noon. It is the largest, single-day volunteer event on the planet.   Heal the Bay is the Los Angeles County coordinator for the event, and this year they have over 60 cleanup locations to choose from! Last year in L.A. County they had over 14,000 volunteers come out & clean up over 300,000 pounds of debris. It’s a really fun way for individuals, neighborhoods, schools, communities and company volunteer groups to get involved and demonstrate their commitment to healthy water.

While cleaning up our beaches, there will be a contest to find the most unusual thing. bgreen is sponsoring some of the contest prices.  Here is a list of items found in previous years:

• Wedding dress
• Suitcase full of graham crackers
• Skull
• Mannequin Leg
• Cow’s head
• Orthodontia head gear
• Home pregnancy testing kit
• Breast pump
• Village People doll

For more information please visit: Heal the Bay

See you at the beach! (Or river, park, lake, or creek...)

UCSC Global Medical Brigades Summer 2010 Trip!   

It was our pleasure to be able to support UC Santa Cruz Global Medical Brigade in their medical and dental relief to over 1,400 patients in Honduras.  

UCSC Global Medical Brigades is one of the many university chapters of Global Brigades, Inc in North America and Europe where volunteering students are dedicated to the research, design, and construction of socially responsible, environmentally sustainable solutions towards problems in the developing world. Ultimately, extended relationships between brigades and communities will result in not only the implementation of a variety of projects, but also the accumulation of a vast wealth of knowledge from which future students and communities can learn.

Why Organic?   

Organic cotton is a superior product worth the effort and the expense. Planet Earth is the only home we have and we share the land, the air, the water and its other limited resources. Each of us ought to contribute everything we can to protecting and preserving our delicate planet for this generation and many more to come.

As a company, I believe it is our social responsibility to offer the consumer the choice of  buying a superior product with a sustainable future in mind.

Mike Farid,

Organic Facts:   

• Cotton uses approximately 25% of the world's insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides (including herbicides, insecticides, and defoliants).

• The Environmental Protection Agency considers seven of the top 15 pesticides used on cotton in the United States as "possible", "likely", "probable", or "known" human carcinogens (acephate, dichloropropene, diuron, fluometuron, pendimethalin, tribufos, and trifluralin).

• According to USDA in the United Sates in the year 2000 over 2.03 billion pounds of synthetic fertilizers were applied to conventional cotton fields (142 pounds/acre), making cotton the fourth most heavily fertilized crop behind corn, winter wheat, and soybeans.

• These harmful chemicals pollute the air, deplete the soil and contaminate our fresh water resources (ground water, rivers, lakes, etc)

In Our Mail Box   

"Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE the graphic tees we have ordered from you. The feel, fit, color and designs are fabulous. Thank you for caring about a quality product. Buying organic and/or sustainable clothing is a priority for us but I'm also not willing to settle for clothing I don't like or doesn't fit well.
Keep up the good work and know that you are appreciated and that I give everyone who complements the shirts your name. And that is quite a few people!"      --Carol

"I purchased your tee shirts about 5 years ago.  They are still wearable and fit great."      --Susan

"Very impressed with quality of product: well made, high quality fabric, good fit, longevity, reasonable price.  Will be placing another order soon for more underwear.  Thank you."      --Sharon

"Thank you very much for your textiles and design - they are my favorite organic clothing!"      --Heather

"I absolutely love your underwear. I bought some of your underwear in Santa Cruz where we were living two years ago and I absolutely love them.  Keep up the good honest work."      --Laurie

"Your clothes are exactly what I'm looking for. Simple/stylish sweatshirts and t-shirts that are organic and fair trade."      --Ian

"My mind is now churning with ideas of what to do with my new found drawstrings......I bet you had more in mind than just a 'cute' look when you designed those pants!  I may end up with a criminal record after wearing them."      --Yuliana

"We were in Santa Cruz last year and my partner bought some of the Men’s Active Briefs - he really fell in love with them."      --Carol

"I am in love with your boxer briefs on my husband and am very interested in your fleece pants."      --Alice

"I bought a couple pairs of your underwear last week in port Townsend, WA.  LOVE THEM!  thanks!  and thanks so much for the fabulous product."       --Osa

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